Will Kidman
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As werewolf
Played by Landon Liboiron
Films Howling Reborn

Will Kidman is main character of the film titled The Howling Reborn and son of Kathryn Kidman.


He is a high school student who realizes after a recent creature attack nearby his school, that he is a werewolf. He also chose his beautiful girlfriend named Elliana Wynter over becoming part of a werewolf pack. He realizes that his own mom was responsible for what was happening. When Will was a werewolf, he killed his mom when she was in werewolf form and then two others who were working for her. Towards the end, Will realizes after scratching Elliana with the claws on his right hand that she had become a werewolf too. He managed to calm her down then like 15 minutes later walked out of the school and started their new life together. The school was blown up because of the werewolf super race that was about to be unleashed there