Werewolf Beasts
Werewolf creature
Played by Unknown
Films Wild Country

The Werewolf Beasts are the main antagonists of the 2005 film Wild Country.


The plot of the film revolves around a group of Glasgow teenagers who, while on a hike through the Scottish highlands discover an abandoned baby in the ruins of a castle. As the group attempt to get the baby to safety a mysterious wolf-like beast suddenly appears, lurking in the darkness and begins stalking them, intent on killing the group one by one. They soon realize they must kill the beast before it slaughters them all.

The group eventually realize that the werewolf will be able to easily pick them off if they stay out on the moors, and decide to go back to the castle where they found the baby, and is also the beast's lair. After spending the night there, they create a plan to kill the monster. Kelly Ann lures the monster up a staircase and the boys push a stone down onto it. They then stab it to death with spears.

Another beast enters the castle and kills one of the group. Kelly Ann and her boyfriend Lee are the only survivors and flee back into the countryside. The beast in the castle seems anguished at the death of its partner, and the viewer realizes that the two were mates. It follows the two and kills Lee.

Kelly Ann and the baby eventually make it to the hotel where the group was supposed to meet with their guardian, Father Steve. Kelly Ann takes the baby into a bedroom to breastfeed him. The monster appears and kills the owner of the hotel and chases Father Steve into the bedroom where Kelly Ann is. He finds a mother monster feeding its pup, and it kills him. The viewer realizes that the baby was the werewolves' child and it infected Kelly Ann by biting her while she was breastfeeding it earlier in the film. In the credits, two beasts walk through a field back towards the castle while their offspring runs around them.