Nazi Mutants
Played by Unknown
Films An American Werewolf in London

The Mutant Nazi's are minor antagonists in An American Werewolf in London, who only appear in David Kessler's dreams, they are half-humans/half-werewolves.


The dreamEdit

David, whilst recovering in hospital, has a series of bizarre nightmares. In the first, he runs through the woods, then decapitates and eats a deer. In the second, he is in a hospital bed with a monstrous, fanged face. In the final dream, he is at home with his family, watching The Muppets Show.

Their doorbell rings and his father goes and opens the door - the group of monster Nazi's are at the door, and gun him down. As they shoot his mother, another Nazi leaps out and holds a knife to David's throat. They kill his niece and nephew and then slit his throat.

He apparently wakes up, in the hospital. However, a Nazi mutant jumps out and stabs the nurse to death. David then wakes up properly, and exclaims "Holy shit!"