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Geoffery Rowlands
Played by Stevie Mitchell
Films Ginger Snaps Back

Geoffery Rowlands was Wallace's son, who was bitten by a werewolf that killed his mother. To avoid being killed, Wallace hides him in his house. He bites Ginger, and breaks loose. He is an antagonist in Ginger Snaps Back.


Attacking GingerEdit

Brigitte and Ginger are lost with their horse in the Canadian wilderness when they come across a seemingly abandoned camp. They then notice an elderly Indian woman, who gives Ginger and Brigitte each a necklace with a bird's skull. The woman speaks of them as the red and black, and warns that unless they "kill the boy" - referring to Geoffery - one sister will kill the other.

Later, when they're at the fort, Ginger is awakened by a voice and goes to investigate. Wandering the corridors she eventually finds the source of the voice, and enters a small, bolted unlit room; reaching out to a deformed boy, Geoffery, who turns and bites her as he flees.

The sisters discover the boy who bit Ginger is Wallace's son Geoffrey. As Ginger sleeps he sneaks into the bedroom and wakes her. She tries to grab him but he gets away, taking a lock of her hair. One of the men investigates the noise and is killed by Geoffrey. The others find the body with the lock of Ginger’s hair beside it and drag Ginger away while James holds Brigitte captive


Ginger is determined to kill the boy to lift the curse but when she finds Geoffrey, he is crying at his mother's grave. He escapes and is captured instead by the men. Wallace arrives and kills his son himself.

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